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1.330 x 1.230 mm | M-1200 eurolaser GmbH


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The laser cutting system M-1200 is a compact model with a processing area measuring 1.330 mm x 1.230 mm. It is suitable for all cutting, engraving and marking applications.

The laser system is based on a modular concept so that all important units can be exchanged. An important point where the long-term value of your investment and low follow-up costs are concerned. The modular design also means that each system can be configured individually and makes installation easier because no crane or low loader is required.

The high-quality sealed-off CO2 laser sources are practically maintenance free. The laser system can be equipped with laser powers of between 60 to 400 watts. Whereby we first find the ideal laser for your application requirements. Extensive, customized and non-binding test runs carried out with your materials before purchasing ensure an optimum system configuration. The innovative systems from eurolaser are based on 20 years of consistent development and experience plus more than 10,000 different successful application samplings.

A wide choice of tailor-made options and automation technologies increase productivity and make daily work a lot easier. The various automation solutions of the laser system are of course tailored to meet your individual requirements and take your application, the material to be processed and the processing environment into consideration.


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