macchina da stampa e posa di etichette a trasferimento termico / monocromatica / modulare
APL 35s



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    a trasferimento termico

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Print & Apply Systems APL 35s, were technologically designed to fulfill the most strict market demands on traceability and reliability; complying with GS1 international requirements for real time printing and labeling.

This Label Printer Applicator supports reel of label with external diameter of up to 300 mm.

Modular concept of APL 35s allows the application of label on packaging in many ways:

- Top
- Side
- Frontal
- Rear
- Corner wrap
- Double panel

Designed to meet most exigent requirements on speed and labeling capacity. Including printing and applying of label with variable information in real time with the capacity of up to 90 cpm (cases per minute) with pneumatic application and up to 180 cpm with electric application.

Easy integration into any production line by using only one connector with all I/O integrated. Thanks to its high connectivity capacity APL 35s Systems can be easily integrated with any ERP, DB, MES, WMS, using UBS LabMan 4.0 middleware as a connection tool.

This label application system is equipped with full color touch screen control panel for system parameters settings.

APL 35s is fulfilling all GS1 international codification and traceability standards ( achieving grade A and B for printed barcodes).

United Barcode Systems Print & Apply technology is a market reference for labeling individual packs, cartons and cases.