bagno di raffreddamento per estrusione / per profilati / di tubi



  • Specificazioni:

    per estrusione, per profilati, di tubi


Motorized tank
Innovative cooling system for tubes and profiles up to 40mm in diameter.
This type of solution is particularly suited for resolving cooling and space issues.
The profile housed in the conveyor belt is cooled in the upper part by a nebulized water system through a series of valves located along the length of the tank and is then conducted in the lower part where it is further cooled through a classic immersion system.
The belt is moved by being mounted between two pulleys, one motorized and one idle.
The 500mm diameter of the pulleys prevents any pulling or deformation of the product.
The operator panel is located at the beginning of the tank.
The stainless steel tank is mounted on a structure with swivel wheels for moving it.