Frizione a disco / meccanica / con supporto cuscinetti / per presa di forza
MFO Transfluid


  • Tipo:

    a disco

  • Azionamento:


  • Altre caratteristiche:

    con supporto cuscinetti

  • Applicazioni:

    per presa di forza, per applicazioni pesanti, per applicazioni marine

  • Coppia:

    Min.: 604 Nm (445.49

    Max.: 4089 Nm (3015.89

  • Velocità di rotazione:

    2300 rpm (14451.33 rad.min-1), 2800 rpm (17592.92 rad.min-1), 2500 rpm (15707.96 rad.min-1)


(Power Take-off – Cluth)The MFO mechanical power take-off consists of a lever actuated clutch with a shaft and bearings mounted in a rigid cast housing.It is designed for inline and sideload applications for internal combustion engines with standard SAE industrial flywheel/flywheel housingdimensions.With the exception of MFO 110 all remaining models are assembled with KEVLAR® DISCS for heavy duty and torsionally activeapplications.MFO mechanical power take-offs will allow:– to simplify installation time (no pilot bearing allignement required)– to increase uptime and engine life– to reduce inventory


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